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Welcome to my world(s)! This is has been a long-time project of not only finding the time, but the confidence and self-belief to commit my random ideas to the page. It's grown from writing simple books in my teens and whilst at university, to now releasing multiple books and not only adapting those projects to screenplays but also writing screenplays independent of the novels and series. It's not easy, I really am just a guy from England with no real connections to the industry trying to get noticed for the stories I bring to the table. It's not been an easy journey, being married with three children and working a full-time job. I often get asked where I find the time to do all of this on top...the answer is simple. The fact I'm late-identified autistic (high-functioning) allows me to run a million train lines all at once Sure it puts extra pressure on me, but it's a pressure I thoroughly believe in.

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My Story

Tobey Alexander is by far and away simply a massive kid and will now revert to the first person otherwise he, I, we, get confused!

As a mad-dad, it's my job to show my children the value and virtue in imagination. I have always crafted stories and it wasn't until I saw how they stole my children's imagination that I thought it was about time I released my imagination on the world. I write across a variety of genres, but the idea behind every story I write is ESCAPSIM and ADVENTURE.

Be that in my fantasy adventure series, Timothy Scott, or my urban thriller Gridlock, there is something for all readers. I'm an avid film-buff and honestly see all of my stories in my head as mini mind-movies as I'm writing them. For that reason I have worked towards adapting some of my books into screenplays, hoping one day not only will you read my stories but see them too.


My publishing journey began when I made up a monster for my youngest son at the time. We heard a strange noise and, being the good lying dad I am, I told him it was a Magdon (half human, half dog, all hunter) and scared the living daylights out of him! Bad dad! That said, I then embellished a little, as you do, and very soon I had made a whole false family history up about my great-grandad defeating the monster. Heck, I even buried two wooden swords in a graveyard and made a fake journal filled with clues that we used to uncover the swords on a rainy Sunday morning.


It was only when I got pulled into school by my son's teacher to be asked, "were you really digging up graves?" that I explained my story. Some hour later and the teacher told me I had to write them a series of books as she knew I was trying to make it as an author.


So I did! In the hope that my children might embrace their own imagination and, more than anything, I wanted to make adventure something real.


Needless to say that spiralled and as my children grew, the barriers I had put around my overactive imagination crumbled. Pretty soon I was happy to unleash all of my flights of fancy and so my catalogue of stories has grown over the years.


Alas it was when my three children were facing their darkest times with their mother having breast cancer and my youngest son (middle child) being diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum like me, that I realised they needed a new hero. Most of all they needed a way to escape some of the scariness that comes with seeing a parent undergo chemotherapy and that's where Timothy Scott was born. To say it is a passion would not be doing it justice and all three of my children, old young and middle, have immersed themselves in the world which makes it my proudest creation (after them of course in case they're reading this - you're still my favourites kids!)


I have no intention of stopping and invite you to buckle up and join me on the roller-coaster ride through my imaginations. From enchanting and fantastical worlds, to terrifying monsters that threaten to kill humankind, or else grizzly ex-detectives searching to uncover the truth about organised criminals and terrorists, heck even an alternative perspective on the Grim Reaper...there's something in my addled brain for everyone.


I look forward to seeing you in there.


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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