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Aaron Raven

Ex-counter terrorism detective Aaron Raven has a murky past. Since leaving the force he has established Gridlock, a private investigation firm that sees him taking on contracts the police normally push aside. Dragged back into the CT world, Aaron finds his sister the prime suspect in a terror attack that has left hundreds dead. Knowing his sister is innocent, Aaron sets about finding a way to prove her innocence while uncovering a plot to attack the heart of the British public. This is a high-octane thrill that will levae you guessing and offers the foundation of more adventures focussing on Aaron.


Somewhat of a "lockdown project," Aaron Raven's story came about between working on the Behind The Mirror Series. Delving into a world of terrorism, crime and murder, I wanted to add a punchy thriller for fans of Jack Higgins, Lee Child and classic thriller writers. Set in London, you'll discover a nail-biting race against time to not only fight to prove his family's innocence, but also save thousands from a bloody death.

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A terrorist attack. His sister the only suspect. How far would you go to prove your family’s innocence?

The midnight train to London sees a carriage filled with people killed by the release of an unknown toxin. Extracted from the bloody crime scene, Francesca Raven is one of only a handful of survivors, but she’s different. The released gas came from her vehicle and she is the only suspect.

Awoken by a call from his ex-partner, Aaron finds himself thrust into a fast-moving investigation that seems intent on proving his sister’s guilt rather than finding the true culprits and their motives. Using everything at his disposal, including his fledgling Private Investigation agency, Gridlock and reputation as a man with no limits, Aaron returns to the murky criminal underworld.

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