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Explore a world of Dark Curses

Growing up as a fan of classic adventures like Indiana Jones, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Mummy and Da Vinci Code...I wanted to create something to add to that genre. Disappointed with recent attempts to reinvigorate the franchises, I decided to explore deeper into a world of real-life curses and intertwine them with a fine balance of fact and fiction. What came was the idea of ICEMAN and has since been featured on the BBC and continues to garner international interest. The series is set to continue beyond, with each instalment taking you deeper into a world of secret societies, monsters, murder and mayhem.

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The world faces a greater threat than the German invasion, as an ancient evil wakes from its slumber…

Stanley Grand and Hazel Johnson are two strangers swallowed by war-torn London. As Stanley struggles to deal with his premature return from the frontline and Hazel does her part in the war effort, their paths cross in a series of strange events. Accused of theft and embroiled in a gangland murder, the pair are thrust into a world of ancient curses and secret societies as they fight to prove their innocence.

Forced to decipher clues to unearth the only weapon capable of defeating the fabled Iceman, they must work together or watch the world fall to evil. Aided by a mysterious arm of the Catholic Church, they must scour the English countryside and discover buried tombs to find their path to salvation. What begins as a strained friendship, soon becomes something more as their journey delves deeper into danger.

Iceman is the first novel in the Dark Curses series that brings to life ancient curses. If you’re a fan of historical mystery and adventure, Iceman is the perfect addition to your library. Be prepared to question where the line between fact and fantasy is set in this dark and twisting historical adventure from Amazon Best Seller Tobey Alexander that will leave you gasping for breath and hoping that this may only be an entire work of fiction…

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You’ve heard of The Mummy, you’ve been bitten by Dracula, now it’s time to unearth the next adventure, the Iceman may be gone but now there's something stirring on Deadman's Island.

In the years since facing the Iceman, Hazel and Stanley Johnson have chosen to leave London behind and settle in rural England. Having learned the secrets of the Benedictine Brotherhood, they have agreed to work alongside the Brotherhood and the recently formed Crepusculum, a secret branch of military intelligence aligned to preserving the secrets of the Brotherhood.

When a name from the past returns into the public light, Crepusculum and the Brotherhood call on the newlywed's for help. With the discovery of a Nazi strongbox on a Welsh beach, washed ashore from the sunken wreckage of a lost U-Boat, another secret of The Vault is at risk of discovery. With the help of another member of the Brotherhood, they must act fast to intercept the secrets before they fall into the hands of a familiar foe.

Once again entwined with history and legend, it's time to explore the world of Dark Curses once again as we learn of an ancient Viking witch, intent on having her revenge on mankind. Trapped inside an ancient device known as the Vestigan Box, she has slept long enough in the dark. As evil forces move closer to unearthing her, the stakes have never been higher.

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