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Dare to dream

Below are two prequel short-stories I have created to spearhead my two best-selling series. The first gives you a taste of my middle-grade fantasy adventure for all ages called THE BOY AND THE MIRROR while the second gives a more adult historical adventure-thriller in THE VAULT. Both books give you a taste of my storytelling and entice you onto the further adventures within the series. Simply take your pick of one (or both) books, drop your email address and I'll send you copies ASAP.

The Boy And The Mirror

Victorian London and young Maurice is once again dragging himself up another chimney. Overseen by Mr Brian, his grumpy employer, Maurice hears a voice in the sooty chimney. The voice mutters his name and Maurice finds himself crawling into an old bedroom filled with strange antiquities. Inching towards an ugly old mirror, much to his disbelief, the voice is coming from the glass.

Discover exactly how the magical mirror came to be in Timothy Scott's family in this enchanting short story that introduces you to the world behind the mirror. As a prequel to the acclaimed Timothy Scott Series, this short novelette will give you the first taste of the adventure that awaits you in the series. Get your copy now and begin your adventure.

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The Vault

Discover the world of the award-winning Dark Curses series from bestselling author Tobey Alexander. Three years before the events of ICEMAN, discover the events that set everything in motion.

London 1938 and the secret order charged with protecting humanity from a world of dark curses are exposed. Moving the contents of the ancient Vault, everything must happen as planned. Under the cover of night on New year's Eve, two men are charged with transporting the sacred contents only to find their journey ambushed. Fighting to protect their cargo, there is more at play as a mysterious figure seems intent on retrieving a single artefact from the cargo.

Could this be the events that sets the Iceman's resurrection in motion?

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