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The Raven

A limited series screenplay &
Book series


Tobey Alexander


Genre: Supernatural hero series

Similar projects: Moon Knight, Constantine, Marvel and DC franchise

expected Rating: 12A

Status: Under Consideration

The Raven Cover Ep1.jpg


Episode I


Discover the origins of Death's sentinel in the epic introduction to the afterlife and the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

The Raven Ep1-3.jpg


Episode I-III

(Book 1)

Compiling the first three "episodes" of the serialised story, Book 1 in the series offers the first volume of adventure.

About the project

The Raven Ep4-6.jpg


Episode IV-VI

(Book 2)

Completing the adventure, Book 2 will complete the saga with the final three "episodes" giving some finality to the story.

The Raven Cover Ep1-6.jpg


Complete Collection

(Limited Edition)

For a limited time, through an Amazon Exclusive, the complete collection will be available with custom artwork.


Building on from the Reaper's Journey Book Series written by Tobey Alexander, this brings a new angle to a parallel world between life and death. Moving away from franchise "superhero" projects owned by major studios Marvel and DC, this is an independent view of a hero franchise that explores the concepts of life after death and a centuries old battle between good and evil.

The Raven is an agent of Death, recruited by the Grim Reaper himself to protect humanity from demons aligned to Sub Terra (hell) who would seek to consume souls and rise into power within the living realm. The series will explore the origins of The Raven who now resides as a patient of Nuthall Hospital, a secure unit for those deemed unsafe to live in society. Initially a voluntary admission, The Raven is now known as John Smith and his fantastic stories dismissed as flights of fancy from a broken mind. When a young and ambitious student interviews John, she discovers his stories may be based more on fact and ultimately, if he's telling the truth, he may be the only avenue of protection from the Full Moon Society who seek to destroy the balance and allow evil access to the souls of the living.

This project is being pitched as a Limited Series with six to eight episodes completing The Raven's story arc. Already having foundations in the Reaper's Journey Series, this will be an accessible story with paranormal and afterlife themes suitable for general audiences aiming at a 12A rating or similar.

Concept  artwork an pitches...

The raven - beyond the words

To assist in the pitching and proof of concept, the team has worked together to collate a variety of concept images and background work as a proof of concept. This is an ambitious project for an independent written project not currently backed or financed by a production studio. That being said, the aim is to create an engaging and commercially viable project around a new supernatural-based antagonist. 

The initial pilot of The Raven is set across two elements of time. This will be in the form of flashbacks to Victorian England to help explain the motivations of characters while the events and actions of Raven will take place in modern-era England and beyond.

The overall feel and style of Raven and the associated appearance draw influence from steampunk, gothic and urban feels to create a cohesive and engaging world in which our story can exist.

Here are some early concept works undertaken to assist in promoting the concept of The Raven becoming a recognisable and connectible character and ultimately series for production.




October 31st 2018

August 2021

October 29th 2021


Initial concept for the Reaper's Journey Series with plotting and planning before a long hiatus on the project.

Formal planning begins for a series of books focussing on Christian Thomas taking on the mantle of Death (aka the Grim Reaper) from Azrael. The planned books explore the transition of Christian into the Reaper and lays the foundations of a new parallel world to our own, offering a new perception of the afterlife.

Ascending Beyond, the first in the Reaper's Journey Series is released with plans to continue with Enlightened Souls the following year. The project is put on hold due to personal circumstances (diagnosis of breast cancer in the house) with the first draft manuscript sitting incomplete.

Working with Dannul Dailey to create an audiobook version, the Audible exclusive audiobook is released. Signing on for the second in the series, Enlightened Souls first draft is completed and the series undergoes a relaunch and makeover.

Enlightened Souls (Book II) is released across all formats with plans for a spin-off set in motion. Returning back to an initial concept for a superhero, the decision is made to merge the two projects and formal work begins on The Raven concept.

The Raven enters initial planning phase with an initial working title of Dark Raven as an episodic short-story series. Evolving the idea further, The Raven is born and the first draft of a Pilot Episode is set in motion. A marketing and pitching plan is put together with a view to sending the project proposal out for tender and consideration.

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