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Reaper's Journey Series

Wanting to bring to life a new concept of the Grim Reaper, this is a gritty Paranormal Urban fantasy that seeks to rewrite your perceptions of the afterlife. Drawing influence from myths and beliefs from around the world, prepare to discover a new concept of the afterlife and the battle between good and evil. Expertly brought to life in the audiobooks by Dannul Dailey, the series is available in ebookpaperback and audiobook. Once again the screenplay adaptation has won a number of awards and garnered interest in progressing towards optioning.


Giving the concept of Death both as an event and a person, a whole new perspective. This epic urban fantasy blurs the lines between the paranormal and reality in a character-driven adventure. Discover entirely new concepts of the afterlife that are woven into the world we know around us. Originally planned as a trilogy, the stories have been delayed due to personal circumstances but two of the three instalments are now widely available.

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Death has a face, Death has a name.

In your last moments we all expect to see the faceless shadow of the Grim Reaper, that fearsome creature of the afterlife. What if he offered you a choice, a chance to redeem your life’s sins for servitude to the path of the Reaper?

A perfect mix of emotion, thrills and action, Ascending Beyond is the first installment of the Reaper’s Journey series that will leave you rooting for the Reaper.

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