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Award-winning neurodiverse author, screenwriter and creator. Find out more about my many projects, engagements and activities here.


As an author with a hidden disability I've found my way to channel my million-mile an hour brain by creative writing. Fuelled by my passion and desire to entertain, I naughtily write across various genres. Below you can see some of my main projects.

Feel free to explore deeper any of the projects and see some of the recognition, awards and celebration I've had.

Also don't forget you can claim your 
FREE BOOKS via the button below (that way you can get a taste of my particular set of skills).

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What began as a family story to escape autism diagnosis and breast cancer, has become a worldwide phenomenon. Originally planned as a trilogy focussing on a twelve-year-old outcast boy with autistic traits discovering a fantasy world where he must become a hero, the series has now grown. Expanding beyond Tim's story, the series has won a number of awards and recognition for its desire to bring a new fantasy hero to the forefront.

Discover more here.

Genre: Middle grade fantasy suitable for all ages

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I grew up loving adventures like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and later on the Da Vinci Code...all stories that blur the lines between fact and fiction. Wanting to add my own particular style to the genre I set about researching lesser known curses and discovered the ICEMAN myth. At the launch I was featured on the BBC and have since seen a lot of interest in the story and growing series. Now a two-book series, the intention is to grow this.

An exciting adventure with murder, mystery, thrills and a dash of romance.

Discover more here.

Genre: Historical mystery thriller

Reaper's Journey Two Books 3D.png


What if the idea of the Grim Reaper simply being a mindless agent of death was wrong? Reaper's Journey delves deeper into the concept of the afterlife and explores the notion that Death is more than a name, it is a person with a story. Exploring an alternative view of life after death, be prepared to dive headfirst into a world of good and evil.

This is more than a story, this is foundation-setting for a vast world of monsters both old and new in a setting that balances the line between the land of the living and the land of...something else.

Expertly brought to life by the actor Dannul Dailey this is an emotive and thrilling journey into the afterlife.

Discover more here.

Genre: Paranormal urban thriller

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As part of the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge in lockdown 2020, I set about writing a gritty thriller against the backdrop of London. Drawing from my own experiences having worked in law enforcement in the UK, I created Aaron Raven, an ex-counter terrorism detective with a dark past.

When his sister is implicated in a terror attack aboard a train bound from France, Aaron must reconnect with his policing roots and dive back into the murky underworld if he is to prove her innocence. As the mystery deepens, it soon becomes apparent proving his sister's innocence is second to a looming threat that would see a newly developed chemical weapon released on the general public. Fast-paced and thrilling, this is a strong addition to any collection.

Discover more here.

Genre: Urban terrorism thriller

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