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"The Raven" began as a teenage dream, an escape from my autistic identity, confined to a GCSE English Mock Exam. In 2022, fate intertwined at The Rock's Black Adam premiere, igniting a passion-project spark. On the tube ride back, I shared the idea with my family, deciding after twenty-five years of internal existence, it was time to unleash The Raven on the world. As an independent project from an autistic mind, it introduces a new supernatural superhero to a world dominated by mainstream studios. Filled with adventure, mystery, and thrills, "The Raven" is a testament to perseverance and the power of unique storytelling.

The Raven Episodes I-III

Step into the haunting world where life and death converge in "The Raven." Amidst the depths of Nuthall Psychiatric Hospital, the forgotten John Smith becomes humanity's chosen protector against malevolent shadows, guided by Death himself. When John's path intersects with the skeptical Kimberley Mansfield, their journey unfolds into a realm of devils and dark mysteries spanning past and present. As The Raven, John and Kimberley confront a Jack The Ripper-inspired terror gripping the city, unveiling a spine-tingling blend of the afterlife with the modern world. This genre-bending adventure promises thrills, mystery, and intrigue, captivating fans of "Penny Dreadful" and "Constantine." Dive into "The Raven" today – a tale that transcends reality, lingering in your dreams long after the final chapter. Join the adventure now!

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The Raven Episodes IV-VI

Experience the heart-pounding climax in "The Raven Chronicles: Unveiling Shadows." As secrets unravel, John Smith, The Raven, and Kimberley Mansfield face chilling truths that challenge existence. Journey through history, piecing together a disquieting reality with stakes higher than ever. This tour de force finale delivers suspense and heart-stopping revelations, captivating fans of supernatural thrillers. Uncover the darkest secrets and join the ultimate showdown in this riveting conclusion. Don't miss the unforgettable end to a series that has enthralled readers.

Raven 4-6 3D Cover.png

The Raven Complete Collection

Embark on the supernatural odyssey of "The Raven Complete Collection." Crafted by Tobey Alexander, this Amazon exclusive edition unveils a literary marvel where six original novellas converge, capturing global readers. Traverse from dim Victorian streets to the vibrant modern city, immersing in a genre-blending saga reimagining Jack The Ripper's horrors. This definitive edition, adorned with exclusive artwork, promises an enthralling experience, earning accolades in film festivals. Join the ranks bewitched by "The Raven" and secure your gateway to extraordinary mysteries and unparalleled storytelling.

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