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Mirror Multiverse

"The Mirror Multiverse" holds profound familial roots for me. Timothy Scott emerged in my imagination during my wife's breast cancer treatment, coinciding with my son's early steps toward an autism diagnosis. It became a shared adventure, a creative escape for the entire family as we navigated challenging times. Cathy's adventures were inspired by my daughter's diagnosis journey. These coming-of-age tales showcase neurodiverse characters, adding heart, magic, adventure, and excitement. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Narnia, these stories represent a tapestry woven with love, resilience, and the power of imagination.

Timothy Scott: Shadow Island

In "Timothy Scott: Shadow Island," a twelve-year-old outcast discovers a hidden realm beyond an antique mirror—Shadow Island, brimming with Adventure, Magic, Wonder, and Enchantment. Unveiling his destiny as The Chosen One, Timothy faces the malevolent Evil Overlord, battling self-doubt with the guidance of Sky, an elder with knowledge of the Eternal Flame. The hero's journey unfolds as Timothy embraces his destiny, unearthing ancient prophecies binding two worlds. Join this transformative adventure, where courage is tested, friendships forged, and destinies shaped. Will Timothy rise above doubts to become the hero both worlds need?

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Timothy Scott: Torn Mountains

Embark on an enchanting journey with Timothy Scott: Shadow Island, the captivating first chapter of the Mirror Multiverse series. Twelve-year-old Tim discovers a magical realm beyond an ancient mirror, revealing a world of danger and loneliness. As he confronts the haunting specter from his nightmares, a chilling truth unfolds—Tim must face the malevolent force threatening newfound companions and their captivating world. Timothy Scott: Shadow Island delivers vivid descriptions and heart-pounding suspense, weaving a tale of self-discovery, friendship, and courage. Ideal for fantasy and coming-of-age enthusiasts, this spellbinding narrative blurs the line between imagination and reality. Dive into Timothy Scott's world today and unlock the door to the Mirror Multiverse.

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Timothy Scott: Dark Entity

Timothy Scott faces his ultimate challenge in "Dark Entity," the thrilling conclusion to the Behind the Mirror series. With Mielikuvitus hanging in the balance, Timothy leads an army against the Dark Entity, having rescued his sister from a long-forgotten beast. In this epic climax, Timothy must confront his darkest fears, muster his courage, and discover the true extent of his powers. Failure is not an option as he faces emotional revelations, gripping battles, and the ultimate showdown. For fans of the series and enthusiasts of fantasy classics, Timothy Scott: Dark Entity is a must-read. Dive into the extraordinary adventure's thrilling conclusion and witness the fate of Mielikuvitus unfold.

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Cathy Scott: Dark Queen

Embark on an enthralling journey with Cathy Scott in "Dark Queen," a tale of self-discovery, courage, and destiny. Cathy, longing for a life beyond expectations, finds herself in a magical realm, embraced by newfound friends. Uncovering her role as the key to saving the world from the Dark Queen, Cathy evolves from a timid girl to a fearless warrior. The story weaves friendship, sacrifice, and the power of embracing uniqueness as Cathy faces treacherous landscapes, dangerous creatures, and her own insecurities. "Cathy Scott: Dark Queen" inspires readers to conquer fears and embrace destinies in a world of magic and wonder.

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Cathy Scott: Venit Rings

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Cathy Scott in "Venit Rings," the highly anticipated second installment of the series. When an ancient evil threatens both her world and the magical realm of Mielikuvitus, Cathy must journey back behind the mirror. Alongside trusted friends, she faces unparalleled challenges, navigating treacherous landscapes, confronting dangerous creatures, and unraveling ancient mysteries. In a race against time, Cathy summons her strength, courage, and intelligence to thwart the Dark Master's nefarious plan. Will Cathy overcome this ultimate test and restore balance to the two worlds? Dive into the heart-pounding action and gripping narrative of "Cathy Scott: Venit Rings" for a spellbinding fantasy adventure!

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