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Welcome to the additional elements of bother adapted and standalone screenplay projects.
For screenplay access or discussion please contact me at

Chicken (short screenplay)

"Chicken" is an LGBT short drama screenplay that delves into the life of a haunted young man attending his ten-year school reunion. Bumping into an old flame, they share an evening of uncomfortable truths, revealing the real reason he couldn't embrace his sexuality and the dark secret that has haunted him. This endearing exploration unfolds the layers of confusion, the struggle of hiding, and the journey to overcome the trauma of our pasts. Experience a poignant narrative that addresses identity, acceptance, and the courage to face one's demons.

Screenplay Chicken.jpg

Friend (short screenplay)

"Friend" began as a family short-film project, sparked by an abandoned building and an eerie painting. Constructing a narrative around the painting, it evolved into an eerie short horror exploring the origins of a haunting image—a girl in a pink dress. The story unfolds through a young boy's exploration of the old building, leading to the discovery of the ghost of the girl. Haunted by her tragic tale, the essence of "Friend" lies in the poignant narrative of a lost soul in need of a companion.

Screenplay Friend.jpg

Dream Catcher (TV Pilot)

"Dream Catcher" is a grounded sci-fi TV series revolutionizing addiction treatment by delving into individuals' unconsciousness. Our hero confronts diverse, manifested addictions across time and places, from 1970s Harlem to Ancient Rome. Amidst a divided society where the affluent find a cure, an underground duo battles the class divide, challenging the norm that leaves the poor suffering from incurable addictions. Navigating the intricacies of mind-sharing, the series promises a perilous yet captivating exploration of societal reflection and the ongoing fight against addiction.

Screenplay Dream Catcher.jpg

The Boat (feature)

In "The Boat," Robin Sawyer, a weary mercenary seeking redemption, accepts a final contract. Attacked by Somali pirates aboard a container ship, she navigates a deadly game of cat and mouse. Discovering a young stowaway, Robin protects the child while uncovering a dangerous truth—hidden cargo that, if exposed, jeopardizes millions. This female-led action thriller blends the intensity of "Taken" with the suspense of "Die Hard," creating a gripping tale of survival on the high seas.

Screenplay The Boat.jpg

Other projects

The above screenplays represent my non-book related projects. I have adapted The Raven (TV Series)Timothy Scott: Shadow Island and Gridlock into screenplay adaptations and continue to dual-write my projects. You can discover more about me at STAGE 32 and NETWORK ISA. I am also open for specific commissions and requests.

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