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Autism & Neurodiversity

Welcome to a little peek inside my autistic life and brain. As a late acceptor of my particular neurodivergent condition, it was not until my own children started to show signs that I realised I had been hiding my whole life. Being in denial meant I had always know I was "different" but never done anything about it (or even accepted it in myself). All that changed when we discovered I carried nad had passed on a rare genetic deletion to all three of my amazing children. The deletion itself 12p13.33 affecting the CACNA1C gene and being labelled as Atypical Timothy Syndrome meant I needed to learn more. As part of that journey to learn more we became engaged with pioneering research with Cardiff University which is where the autism label finally came to the forefront and became something I not only accept but championed with a newly found loud and proud voice.


My journey has been complicated, convoluted and I am determined that others, including my own children, should not have to hide or make do and mend as I have done over the years. By being a voice, doing talks and engaging with some very important organisations, I am able to make a difference for the present and future. I don't claim to have all the answers, I'm simply an expert of my own life and can share the things I have discovered in the hope it helps others and creates an awareness to improve inclusivity and acceptance of neurodivergent minds in the world. Even doing my BSc Psychology degree, I knew I wanted to know more about me and the reason I felt I was the way I was. Needless to say having now progressed from university into adult life I've found my niche(s):


  • As an author I can share the creative aspect and channel the overactive element of my autistic mind and craft stories that help me cope while offering insight. Not to mention showing that that quirky imagination can bring success as it has for me with awards and a growing fanbase for my stories and characters.

  • As an advocate and role model for my children, and others, to be proud of who we are. Sure it's not an easy journey, but it's a journey worth sharing.

  • As an established Police Officer in the UK having specialised, and used my autistic brain to get there, in Armed Policing which has allowed me to become established as part of bringing UK Policing and wider into a world of acceptance and understanding the value of neurodiversity in the workplace.


What I intend to do here is simply share what I do, show you the world behind the author and help the world see and appreciate the value of neurodiversity.

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To become a champion, and a voice, to improve the awareness and inclusivity of neurodiversity in the world and to remember YOU ARE YOUR ONLY LIMIT!


Empower neurodivergent individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin and confident enough to identify who they are to the world and break free of their own restrictions and thos eof society.

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